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Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

Nursing has always responded to the changes in the society’s health care needs. Nursing continues to be challenged and rewarded by both new and old changing opportunities & constrains. Nursing is the largest group of professionals in health care delivery system. At the same time medical and nursing services are over stretched with some of the social, biomedical and man made /acquired problems.

Nursing is the process where a nurse is to assist the individual sick or well in the performance of those activities, contributing to health or its recovery. These processes are performed by the professional nurse who has completed a basic nursing education.
Nursing education in KDA Nursing College is based on the principles of general education. Education is the process of drawing out act of leading forth, act of training & teaching .KDA Nursing College determines to prepare nursing students to obtain Excellency in nursing practice through concurrent evaluation of theory and practical by the experience & dedicated teachers.

Teaching in KDA Nursing College is based on four dimensions of ‘Educative Process’ such as

  • Substantive Dimension (Curriculum)
  • Procedural Dimension (for teacher, learner and group of learners)
  • Environmental Dimensions (Physical & Social factors affecting teaching and learning)
  • Human Relations between Teacher learner, Administrator, Nursing service staff, Team Members and patients.

We the team of Local Management Committee and Nursing college faculty have decided mission to provide,

  • Sound basic Nursing education
  • Nurture them ability to care
  • Make them to believe in themselves
  • Rewards in turn will be appreciation.

Nursing demands coordinated learning with Hands + Heart + Head


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KDA Nursing College

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